Softshell jacket
 Casul Jacket FX-C
 Polar fleece FX-F
 Parka FX-P


Clients will not reimburse Forevertex for, or return, any non-solicited samples.
If Client is interested in our products, he should send us the requirement of samples-making by e-mail or fax.Then Forevertex will arrange the samples for him.If order ok,Sample charge will be deduct  from amount of contract.

Generally The charge is two times of price.

Product Name: Jacket
Price: USD 5.2/piece
Quantity: 3 pcs
So, the samples expense is: USD5.2 x 3 x 3pcs = PRICES


All quoted first cost pricing will be in US dollars.

Please confirm that you know our product quality.The production quality will affect the price.

Please confirm we all understand the following information,detailed descriptions about products.
style,shell,accessories, size chart,coler combal, quantity,etc..

Generally the period of validity is20 DAYS


It is Forevertex ''s responsibility to provide the buyer on named on the order, with written confirmation of the following information within 24 hours of receipt of either a fax or hard copy order:
1) Expected ship date;
2) Pricing and terms;
3) Master/Inner pack quantities;
4) Type of packaging;

Buyer requested or Forevertex requested changes must be confirmed in writing using the Purchase Order


Forevertex shall deliver, or make available to, buyer''s designated freight forwarder or consolidator, the completed merchandise in strict accordance with the scheduled "cancel date" and in the exact quantities set forth onthe Order. Orders that extend beyond the initially agreed upon "cancel date" are considered void unless there is a written agreeement with the buyer("Change Order") to extend the shipping window.


Partial shipments of any order will be accepted only if agreed to by the buyer in writing prior to shipping. Related department of buyer MUST be notified, via e-mail or fax, of all such changes.

Shiping documentation for each partial shipment must indicate ONLY THE QUANTITY ACTUALL SHIPPED, NOT THE TOTAL QUANTITY IN THE PURCHASE ORDER.


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